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April 17 2015

April 13 2015

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Reposted bydanielbohrer danielbohrer

April 02 2015

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Projekt »Buchscanner« und Diskussion zum Umblättermechanismus

April 01 2015

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March 23 2015

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Super Mario Kart Turnier am 23.8.2014

March 22 2015

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Funksteckdosen fernsteuern

March 09 2015

Begabte Künstler im RaumZeitLabor

March 01 2015

Neue, TiN-beschichtete Nadeln

February 23 2015

Ausgewählte Bilder des Stick-Wochenendes

February 22 2015

Fundamentallemma der Variationsrechnung

February 20 2015

Thumbs (or so) up!
You don’t say?

January 30 2015

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RZL: Luzide Träume

January 26 2015

Some maps of todays gopherspace. Red nodes are not responding.

January 25 2015

Stickt mehr!

January 18 2015


December 30 2014

31C3 Stickerei
Reposted bydanielbohrerhoernchenkotze

December 29 2014

Mehr Ponies wagen!

December 12 2014

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Arcade Games: Hacking, Emulation, Preservation (Ange Albertini)
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